Printing Guide

How to print the inserts

At CreffectivePaper, we offer files that allows you to print on Pre-cut paper, A4 and US Letter paper.

In order to print the inserts,
1) Open PDF in Adobe Reader (Free)
2) In Print Settings, Select Actual Size or Scale to 100% under Page Sizing & Handling
3) Once printed, hole punch as needed and insert in your binder!

✔ If you want print on Pre-cut paper, click on "Page Setup" to change the paper size.


If you’d like to print on both sides of the paper,

1) If your printer is available for double-sided printing automatically, choose the option to flip on the short edge(If the file is horizontal layout), or flip on the long edge(If the file is vertical layout), and print.

✔ If there is only one page, It's possible to copy a page from Adobe Reader(free) for double-sided printing. On the left page Thumbnails, mouse over page 1, and click on the right. Then you can copy and paste the page.


2) If your printer is NOT available for double-sided printing automatically, I recommend printing the Odd Pages first and then flip the printed paper and put it back in the paper tray before printing out the Even Pages.

✔ Pay attention to how the inserts come out of the printer so you can reorder them back in the correct way!